Our Services

We offer a full range of security studies and consultations, and the provision of monitoring and civil protection work for all facilities, individuals and properties

Event Insurance

We train security personnel in a security escorts company and conduct the necessary and comprehensive checks to select the best applicants and secure events and celebrations of any kind without worrying about the security and system of events

Security & Safety Systems Supply & Installation Services

We offer integrated solutions to provide protection and security control work using the latest technologies such as camera surveillance systems, television circuits, access control systems, comprehensive alarm systems for fire detection or building protection alarms from intruders and thieves, and security x-ray detectors for metal detectors.

Insurance Services for Companies & Institutions

We provide insurance services to all companies and institutions on behalf of their clients by using the latest monitoring and protection devices by highly trained security cadres.

Security Studies & Consulting Services

We conduct a comprehensive and extensive study to determine all the needs of individuals and devices and develop plans that help reduce the risk rate, in addition to continuous follow-up and evaluation services and provide security proposals and recommendations